My Week in Running Jan 1-7

My Week Jan 1 – 7 The year started with a rest day… Rest is important, I didn’t want to push myself after doing Advent running (running the 25 days of Advent) especially after being injured till mid-November. Miles Ran – 20 My main goal for this year was to make a conscious effort to […]

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My Portfolio

#1 – The first three posters are apart of a series of posters to promote a brand which I created. The brand was a pop-up shop called ‘Run City’. For the project I was asked to create a logo and other promotional pieces for the brand. For this, I create a vector of a famous […]

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July – Month in Review

This is a new idea which I came up with. I thought why not review each month of running. This allows for me to see my progress and you too. I started the month off with continuing on with a half-marathon plan which added some format to my runs. The main difference adding Sunday as […]

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Entering my first race! 

Hey runners!  This is something which is quite big for me, I’ve entered my first race! I will be running the Machester half-marathon on October 15th! I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be like.  For my goals for the race, well mainly to finish safely! But time wise I would like to finish […]

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Running for yourself.

Why do you run?  Who do you run for? Both of these answers answer’s should be yourself. I tell you why. You should be the only person that matters when running. Have your own goals. Don’t try and set a ridiculous goal just because your friend did. Running is personal. I see people comparing their […]

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