My first Marathon!

Since returning from injury trail running and the trail running community has been something which has caught my interest. Whether this has been running my local trails or follow other people within the trail running community. Some of the people within the community which I have been following are the Ginger Runner, Run Steep Get High […]

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Entering my first race! 

Hey runners!  This is something which is quite big for me, I’ve entered my first race! I will be running the Machester half-marathon on October 15th! I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be like.  For my goals for the race, well mainly to finish safely! But time wise I would like to finish […]

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Running for yourself.

Why do you run?  Who do you run for? Both of these answers answer’s should be yourself. I tell you why. You should be the only person that matters when running. Have your own goals. Don’t try and set a ridiculous goal just because your friend did. Running is personal. I see people comparing their […]

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It’s a bad run, get over it.

This is phrase which I have said to myself quite a few times over the past week or two of running. We all have bad runs, but how should we ‘get over it’.  Well, it’s a difficult question. If you’re reading this hopefully you’re a passionate runner like myself. Doing badly at something sucks, especially […]

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