Why I run.

After I was injured and couldn’t run for almost 2 months, once I came back it gave me a new appreciation for running. Before my injury I took being able to run everyday for granted. I’ve been running consistently since November 2016, with brief spell in the summer of 2016 too. At the point I did running for a more a fitness aspect rather than enjoyment. 

Most non-runners will not understand the enjoyment you feel when running. The freedom, the happiness, the ability to think, or not! The fact I’m able to be have me time, listening to great music or a podcast. The ability to dream and think about the endless possibilities which are available to me. My imagination goes wild when I’m running my creative juices flow, I think of new ideas, thinks I could do, thinks I want to do with my life.

Furthermore, running has given me realise I’m so young. I have got everything ahead of me. So instead of waiting for things to happen, I will make them happen. My life is mine, nobody is in control of what I do.

Why do you run?



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