It’s a bad run, get over it.

This is phrase which I have said to myself quite a few times over the past week or two of running. We all have bad runs, but how should we ‘get over it’. 

Well, it’s a difficult question. If you’re reading this hopefully you’re a passionate runner like myself. Doing badly at something sucks, especially if you’re passionate about. This makes it hard to just ‘get over’, espcially if running is something which you’re emotionally connect to like myself. 

Cutting a run short or not having the legs to complete that final mile sucks. It makes me disappointed if I don’t achive the miles which I intened too. 

But how do you get over it?

Everyone works in different ways but for me the main way is reflection. I reflect on the on the run and think, okay maybe I set out too fast etc. Without making mistakes (bad runs) you won’t have good runs! You have to learn from the bad runs and make then into good runs in the future! 

-ewan x 


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