Why YOU should run.

1 – Freedom 

This is the main reason why I love running. The ability to listen to music and have time to yourself. You have the ability to think, dream and do whatever you like. The ability of what you can do is limitless. Some of best ideas are formed whilst running. I decided to start the blog from an initial thought I had whilst running. The ideas are limitless! 

2 – Physical health 

Your physical health is one of the biggest things people associate with running. Although this something which once you start you running, it is less about your physical health and more about other things on this list. 

3 – mental health 

This is a big thing for me personally. The main reason I run is because it makes me happy. I love seeing the progress which I make. At times running is really challenging and pushes you to limit both mentally and physically. I would recommend running to anybody with mental health issues. The main reason being it makes you feel free. The ability to just run and forget about everyday problems for the time you are running. 

4 – music/podcast

This is just a quick point. You can learn a lot of stuff whilst running, get inspiration too. The things which podcasts cover are endless! Personally, l listen to music whilst running. I’m able to escape in the music, as well as singing alone…sometimes…people probably think I’m weird. Oh well! 

Thanks for reading!



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