Half Marathon training – Weeks 1-4

After running just generally for the past 6 month I decided I wanted to something more than just random runs. I wanted some structure and a plan to follow. After being able to run a 10K easily, I thought okay, time for a half marathon! Half plan This above is the plan I follow, it is a beginners plan as this is my training for my first half marathon. The plan starts off very simple, it is similar to what I normally do.

Onto my first 4 weeks of training. Well, they’ve been amazing. This structure to my running has help me a ton. It also works very well with me and is something which I have adjusted. The plan allows me to keep doing my local parkrun every Saturday! (if you don’t do parkrun you should check it out! http://www.parkrun.org.uk/)

As the plan it is beginners plan I have found parts really easy. Too easy. For example for the 6 mile run at the end of week 3 I ended up doing 10…. umm, about that. I went out with the intention of doing 8 miles. I did my 8 miles and felt great, music blasting, me sweating (it was really hot!). The longest I’ve ever ran was 10 miles and this was 7-8 months ago. I though f it, I just match it. I didn’t want to push too far as I had no water and didn’t want to risk injury etc.

Onto the future, I want to be consistent with my blog, I will write at least 3 blog posts per week, for myself mainly and for anyone interested in my journey! Finally, I got an exciting text from my friend earlier. He wants to start running! He is quite overweight at the moment, but I’m looking to help him get into running! Bring it on!

Thanks for reading!


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